Digg vs. Propeller

Digg vs. Propeller
While it still is good.. Diggs hit the search engines quickly , they appear to be spidered constantly. I have had a Digg about an article hit the search engines in 2 minutes with the article hitting shortly after(keyword optimized of course). But over the last weekend when I was doing my first ever Camtasia video, I got up the next morning and did a search for the keyword phrase and was a little disappointed. It was on the third page but as a propeller post. So while the video has not ranked yet the propeller post had. Propeller ranked higher than the Digg.

A few days later..I don’t see a digg or propeller link which tells me I still am indexed for the keyword but did not develop it enough to keep my rank. Or being updated on this keyword by more the passionate.

I checked an old keyword phrase from last spring and I was still in the top ten on a Digg post(not the actual article page) I even moved the keywords around and I usually ranked 2 on search results.

Conclusion, If Propeller and Digg are going to build page rank and credibility, and help our niche pages rank so highly.. we must make sure we are writing descriptions in these social mediums to entice searchers to become visitors to our site(s).

Any thoughts?

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