America’s Widening Income Gap

Two party system sucks.. make your own stand for gods sake.
Capitalism appears to be consuming itself. Satisfy the masses, and the one percent will do even better. Workers are just as valuable to our society as money movers and should have a reasonable quality of life and assurances also. What’s so hard about that to understand?

I personally want our communities to have good education , good health and dental maintenance, and basically a stable life while preparing for retirement and improving the lives of our generation and the next.
I do not feel like that is unreasonable expectations for Americans as citizens of the leader of the free world. The quality of life of the poor and middle classes can be sustained while money movers and investors also increase their legacies. This is not new ideology, just not used by either of the two major political parties. Keep a log, they both go back and forth on policies based on their perceptions of how to stay in power and get full retirement and medical ..(the list goes on) at taxpayer expense.

The whole argument of taxation makes my furious. First, yes I was a supply side Reagonomics supporter, and at the time seemed to work for a lot of folks. The rich ‘want their taxes raised so they may invest, But the richest have had the luxury of huge tax breaks for years now, and instead of putting back into the economy, the hoard, then they reduce the nations workforce benefits and quality of life. Simply put, corporatism and elitest greed has stopped the trickle down effects and did years ago.

And I wish someone would explain to me how average Americans paying 20+ % on income made while working is fair when if millionaire pays 15% on unearned income. It just is not no matter how you spin it. Talk all you want to about redistribution of income but its already happening, just the poor is paving roads, building bridges, and paying a higher percentage of tax for the wealthiest of Americans. That percentage the poor and middle class is paying is a lot more detrimental to our society and families than a millionaire kicking in a few more bucks. A person making a million should pay more % than a $28,000 based on the above reasonable expectations set forth above. The rates should not even be flat. 35% of a million is minuscule compared to 20% + of $32000, thus, we have the total reduction of our standard of living as a nation as a whole. We haven’t even touched the state and local taxes,rising fuel & electric bills, freakin food even. You can see why no one is buying , there is no money left.

Now, if companies are not making the profits they want from customers, it simply comes out of labor. Then labor has less to spend on life’s needs and wants. Thus the company still is not quenching its insatiable thirst, thus it takes more from labor, etc..etc..etc.

As the Government and Big Business keep breaking the middle class and poor backs, and then refusing to fix them, the income gap widens. This has been going on for well over a decade. Not one President’s or Congresses fault. All of them run business the same, just say they won’t and blame the other. The widening income gap and distancing of classes is making us look almost communist and has to stop.

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  • October 28, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    I have got to rewrite this. The facts and ideals are correct, but just sloppy writing.