Runner on third – trick play | Coaching Youth Baseball

Here is a trick play we can use on defense when there is a runner on third and we have less than two outs.

When the opposing team has a baserunner on third and less than two outs, many times we can expect a bunt with the runner bouncing off off third base and running toward home on the release of the ball by the third baseman. The defensive team can try something to get the runner out. Have the shortstop cheat toward third. If you are pretty sure the opposing team will bunt, you can have your third baseman cheat in toward home.

The next pitch should be a pitchout.  Now, when the batter shows bunt, the third baseman rushes in, and even though it is a pitch out, the baserunner will probably be instinctively bouncing off the base toward home. The shortstop comes quickly and quietly to cover third from his position and the catcher throws to the base after the pitch out.

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