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Ever notice some kids hitting the ball hard in baseball practice , but once in a youth baseball game they can’t seem to make hard contact or contact at all? This is actually pretty common in youth baseball hitting. Baseball hitters tend to relax during batting practice. They know strikes and good pitches are coming and they want to  to hit the ball hard, so their mind is clear and ready to go.

During a youth baseball game the pitcher is trying to get them out now. A hitter can overcomplicate things by putting too much pressure on themselves, thinking too hard about every thing he has been told, or simplyt losing confidence  in their hitting ability. The mental side of hitting can be the hardest to overcome,sometimes it just takes more time, more batting practice,more at bats. My oldest son once told me I need to be moved down in the lineup because I haven’t been hitting well. I told him thats the coaches job to move you. You want as many at bats as possible to try and come out of the slump. Players nearer the top of the lineup will get more plate attempts. Of course, everything worked out fine, and his hitting worked out.

Mental mistakes are often the most challenging to overcome, and sometimes they just take time. I like to go back to making it simple. Focus on the ball, quick hands,hit the ball hard.  Sometimes thats all it takes.


You just have to empty your head, have confidence in your own ability, and go up there and just try to hit the ball hard. Trying your best is all I ask of my players.

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