All Computers Should Work

All computers should work.  Its like Ma Bell, same damn thing.   Its 2011 and we still have the Mac / PC war.

It is totally bullshit,  and computers should be like housing, phone , water or electricity, I’m tired of routine 3 months after warranty crash.  It doesn’t matter what Asian company it comes from now,it will crash . Nothing like a decade ago  All computers should work. For instance if i move next door..I have no internet access, no email(from my 6 accounts or 1) , no tv , no 911 emergency access. If i do have access , it is routed wrong.. hmmmm , i guess 95 % of the time.

It is time for a real solution and not mnecessarily regulate our access but at least make it available to all and not to make Bill Gates or Steve Jobs richer. I hope Donald Trump addresses this issue because it is very important to workers and business owners on a local and global scale.

Hell, as a nation we are already behind in science and math. We have been for years. Even third world countries have international access to to free wifi. All computers should work


I am sick and tired of the Apple  / Pc   BS. Lets have a common frame.