Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Protests at Military Funerals | WTF !?

Our nations Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay protests at military funerals. I just simply can’t believe it.Wednesday’s 8-1 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the free speech rights of the Westboro Baptist Church is a message all Americans should be concerned about.  This ridiculous decision actuals allows a protest at any funeral for any reason.
Come on, we are talking about a freaking funeral ! Military funerals even. Funerals are not the place for protests, fundraisers, or anything else stupid some asshole wants do to during a families bereavement.

Now I am not pro gay, or even anti gay, If your gay your gay, really doesn’t concern me. As long as your not imposing or

supreme court decision on gay protests
The day I see this lady in heaven, I'm gonna worry about where I'm at !

intruding on me I could care less. I spend my time focusing on taking care of my family, their health well being , and education.
But a protest at a funeral is unacceptable behavior and for sure should not be a legal right.  I don’t think the First Amendment protecting Free Speech should allow an individual or group the right to cause disturbance to others.  Especially during bereavement. You can demonstrate somewhere else to someone who might give a damn. Funerals are about remembrance and respect.

Since we have the right to bear arms , I guess everyone needs to start packing on the way to friends, family, and others funerals. This decision could cause violence in America.  Funerals are already a very emotional time for many people and families, allowing such idiocy to prevail can turn into irrational decisions, just because the high court has allowed a persons right to bereavement to be disrupted. Just because 8 folks in robes say it is ok, don’t make it right, and damn sure don’t mean a family has to listen to it.

This decision by the Supreme Court to allow gay protests at military funerals is not a victory of any sort for the First Amendment.  It  just shows high court’s tolerance and its interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. I prefer the phrase dumbass decision. What I  worry about, and you should too, what challenge comes next and results in such a inhumane decision ?

I hope the gays start protesting something at Westboro Church, their church members funerals, their kids sporting events, and anything else they can think of.