Finding the Right Catchers Mitt

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Finding the Right Catcher’s Mitt
Coach Blake Barthol
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Choosing a catcher’s glove is a very individual thing. Be sure to try many different models on before you make a decision. Whenever I was choosing a glove, I always tried to stay away from the really big gloves. If you are using a big glove, there is more room to catch the ball, but there is a lot more room for the ball to get lost in when you are trying to throw runners out. Throughout my 9 year professional career, I only used 2 different models of gloves. I started with a Wilson model and then about 4 years in, I switched to using an All-Star model.

A few of the decisions you have to make are;

  • Do you want a single hinge or a double hinge?
  • How big of a glove do you want?
  • What color of a glove do you want?
  • What kind of pocket do you want?

These are just a few things to think about. The biggest thing about getting a new glove is not the decision on the actual glove, but how you are going to make the pocket. Take notice to how you receive the ball. If you mainly give your target with your thumb up and receive the ball with your thumb up, you would want you pocket going up and down. If you are the type of catcher who gives a target and receives most of the pitches with your thumb down, then you want your pocket to go side to side. I was a thumb up kind of catcher. Therefore, when I broke my gloves in, I would have the pocket going up and down.

Again, choosing a glove is a very personal decision. Each person should make their glove their own and make their glove fit their hand. Be sure you are comfortable with your glove and take care of it. Tightening the strings and keeping balls in the pocket while its in your baseball bag are 2 essential things.

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