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Little League Confidential is a must read . You will find yourself unable to put this book down as you read about this coaches youth baseball season and compare to some of your own. Its hilarious . Little League Confidential was written Bill Geist, who is familiar to viewers of the CBS Evening News, used to be a Little League coach in New Jersey. And he somehow lived to tell about it.  Little League Confidential assumed cult status as a baseball classic, though some just considered it one very funny book. Geist reveals the ups and downs (well, mostly downs) of coaching a local youth baseball team sponsored by a local beauty salon. His portraits of players and parents and his thoughts on competition in small town New Jersey are heartfelt and hilarious.  Little League Confidential is a youth baseball coach’s account of his woes, travails and soul storms in the course of one season is side-splitting.  He describes the draft system for securing players and a shrewd angle-worker who rigged the system. He analyzes the four major types of coaches: “It’s only a game, so let’s just have fun” (the nerd, according to the kids); “Win or I’ll kill you” (the asshole, according to the kids); “We’re here to build character, to learn life’s lessons” (the despicable preacher, according to Geist); “I pick the kids with the best-looking mothers” (attribution superfluous). He writes of the games, with pitchers flinging balls three feet over the batters’ heads, outfielders aiming for third base but throwing to first and a few tyros who are actually good. For anyone in need of a good laugh you must read Little League Confidential, especially if you are a youth baseball coach.

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