Youth Baseball Hitting | Increase Your Batting Average

Youth Baseball Hitting | Increase the batting average for youth baseball hitters.

Hit the Ball Hard !

Much of a hitter’s success comes from being smart and staying within the strike zone. Hitters who are selective and can patiently wait for a good pitch to hit will greatly increase his chances of having a successful at bat.

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Be selective and aggressive as a youth baseball hitter. Do not let the pitcher expand the strike zone. A youth baseball pitchers goal is to get you to swing at bad pitches and expand his strike zone. The goal is to get on base. nothing wrong with walks. If you can’t get on base you are not doing your job. Remember the more pitches you see the better youth baseball hitter you will be.  Also, Go up to bat with a purpose. What kind of pitch are you looking for? Is anyone on base? Be selective and look for the pitches you can drive somewhere. I think this simple tip can be introduced to youth baseball players as early as ten years old.

Hit the Ball Hard !

Be patient and look for a good pitch to hit !

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