Blogging How-To

There are many reasons why one might blog: such as voicing one’s own opinion, political reasons and so forth. Another less-obvious reason is that creating a blog may catch Google’s attention because it refreshes your website with new content on a consistent basis. Google gives a better rank to active websites and it doesn’t appreciate static websites.

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Where your blog can be posted/published: If you don’t already have your own web site, many blogging services are available online. Blogger and WordPress are two of the most used applications. has also started getting some of the action in blogging. You can insert a blog on your pre-existing website, which is a fairly common practice. It would be similar to mydomain.tld/blog/

Software: WordPress is a great tool for your blog if you already have a hosted website up and running. Blogger also has a facility where your articles can be drafted in Blogger and uploaded to your own site through a click of a link (Once the FTP information is entered).

Content: An effective blog must include content that is informative, of high quality, original (no copy and pasting of other people’s work except for short excerpts that are properly attributed) and should be dynamic (regularly updated).

Interaction with readers: Reader feedback can be allowed on your blog. This gives you the power to moderate your blog and comments. The “moderator” facility is necessary, since it’s difficult to fight off spammers. Also, individuals who disagree with you may leave rude comments.

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Ensure you have visibility for your blog:

1) Fresh and original content

2) have links from other sites,

a.) Find and join webrings

b.) Become a member of social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.)

c.) join forums that have the same types of interest as your site. Forums, or communities, can be found at “Multiply”, Aimoo, Google, and many more.

3) Submit your URL to Google and Yahoo. If you utilize WordPress, you can download an XML Sitemap generator plug-in (it does not cost anything, but donations are appreciated.)

4) “Tags” in your content are a must. Web crawlers like Google will know how to categorize your blog articles when you put keywords in the tags (H1 tags, Title tags, etc.)

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