Robots VS. Drones | Tortoise meets the hare

This last year has been abuzz about drones, but what about robots? The increase in use and possibilities of drones coupled with decreasing costs has kept a huge interest in drones lately. Not only has efficiency in deliveries has been in the news , but privacy issues, airspace, etc as well, have been concerns over the use of drones in consumer use and in corporate retail use.

However, much like the story of the tortoise and the hare, drones might be losing the delivery race for big retailers and order delivery to robots. We haven’t heard much about robots as a delivery system, but apparently they have been quietly working in the shadows.

Its coming of age. Drones vs Robots , and the robots are swinging hard. In case you haven’t heard, last year legally delivered its first package by drone…in the U.K. Amazon made big news in 2013 when they announced they were testing drone delivery but was three or four years away. Here it is 4 years and its starting. But what about the United States?

Robot delivery has been legalized in the state of Virginia with a few looking to folllow.


7-Eleven claims they delivered Slurpee’s, doughnuts and other food to a customer in July, in the state of Nevada. Google also has tested drone delivery of Chipotle burritos. At first it might seem strange that food seems to be the top priority in delivery here, but that’s probably a good idea for us as consumers. Food delivery could help citizens utilize some time and increase pleasure at the same time, such as ordering what you want for lunch and using that commute time to recharge, read, or socialize. It could relate to an increase in quality of life. It is unfortunate though, historically technological advancements have helped corporations much more than individuals, we see robot delivery as a bonus.

Back to the big dog that was barking in 2013…Amazon, even with its resources and expertise in internet logistics and fulfillment, has not made much news in the U.S. with drone delivery, due to probably wanting to be sure and get it right for consumers, while complying with FAA regulations that have been newly created. I predicted years ago even during the losing years Amazon would become a force to reckon with and thus … We predict Amazon will be at the forefront of widespread drone delivery into mainstream United States.