Boxcar Willie National Day | Americas Favorite Hobo Gets National Day

Boxcar Willie National Day

September 1 is Boxcar Willie National Day.  Boxcar Willie is the legend of train songs. National Boxcar Willie Day was declared because he is one of the first big stars to actually open a show on Highway 76 in Branson Missouri. His actions helped many others to start their own shows , and we all know Branson missouri has became very popular.  Boxcar Willie performed at his theatre in Branson until he died. We at think it is very appropiate for September 1 to be named National Boxcar Willie Day for his dedication to truckdrivers , trains, and family .. he surely  deserves boxcar willie day.

A favorite tv commercial growing up of ours is the ads for  for Boxcar Willies albums.  Being that it is
 Boxcar Willie National Day we had to review some of his history and albums. Amazingly we found there is a new 2015 Boxcar Willie album (cd) (mp3 maybe) available for all of us to enjoy.
Heres a little more history of the famous Boxcar Willie.

The overpass at Interstate 35E and Farm to Market Road 664 in Red Oak, Texas was renamed Boxcar Willie Memorial Overpass. In addition(and a pretty big deal)a park, near the National Mall,  in Washington, D.C. was renamed Boxcar Willie Park. You can learn some more about Boxcar Willie

Congratulations on  National Boxcar Willie  Day ! We hope you enjoy this information and listen to some of his influential music. Dont forget , Boxcar Willie’s legacy also includes being named “America’s Favorite Hobo”.

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