Sulphur Springs Boys Basketball |12 Year Old Coaching Two Undefeated Teams

12 year old coach Grayson McClure
12 Year Old Coach Grayson McClure

Here is a local feel good story. The Sulphur Springs Basketball local league for local youth, led by Bryan Burney,is in need every year for coaches. There is never enough volunteers to coach all the children that sign up. This year was no exception but something exceptional did happen.

7th grade middle schooler Grayson McClure, asked if he could coach. He was allowed, and 12 year old Grayson McClure became the head coach. All basketball practices have been run by Grayson, including practice plans and drills. He has had some help from fellow friend and middle schooler Chase Haney, and big brother Trevor McClure who were quickly on board to help assist.

Of course there was some concern about a 12 year old coaching not only 1 team , but 2 ! Yes Grayson is coaching a 5th-6th grade team , and a 3rd-4th grade team as well. The concerns were quickly dismissed as parents commented:

  • Our son is by far not the best , but Grayson makes him feel like a valuable part of the team
  • I want Grayson to coach my son from now on in every sport !
  • He is doing a better job than most of the adults do.
  • I think it’s awesome for someone Grayson’s age to do something like this because it gives these younger kids someone positive to look up to.

12 year old coach Grayson Mcclure coaching
Grayson McClure is a straight A student and and participates in Sulphur Springs Middle School Athletics. This has not only been a great experience for the youth basketball coaches , but to the players and organization as well.We believe taking  on such as a task with all the online social activities our youth are involved in today, contributing their time to our communities youth in
Sulphur Springs Boys Basketball at such a young age, as Grayson and Chase have done, definitely deserves some kudos.

Did we mention both teams have undefeated records of 6-0 thus far.

12 year old coach grayson mcclure in action with big brother Trevor Mcclure
Grayson McClure with Trevor McClure


Yes, Both teams are undefeated as of this writing.

We apologize but no pictures of Chase Haney were available at time of publishing.