Complete Home Energy Services

We provide services needed by HVAC contractors to ensure successful installations, modifications, and repairs that exceed your customers expectations and meet building code requirements with ease for the hvac contractor.

  • Load Calculations (required by IMC)
  • Expert Recommendations for Foam Insulated Homes
  • Complete home system envelope test
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Duct Leakage and Quality Testing
  • Airflow Verification
  • Zoning Specialists
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Combustion Safety Testing

Our specially-trained HERS certified contractors Hers rater certifiedevaluate homes using state-of-the-art equipment and recommend comprehensive improvements that will yield more profits for your company. This ensures you provide the best solutions for your customers, that in turn results in more referrals of premium customers.  Offer quality service not the lowest price.

If you just change the system, you are missing opportunities for meeting your customers needs and leaving money for your company on the table for other contractors. A properly designed home  envelope will  ensure your customers desired comfort ,save your customer’s money on their utility bills for many years to come along with the elimination of buyers remorse.

The design load calculation involves taking measurements during the initial visit to your customer’s home and asking questions. We use the latest professional guidelines from ACCA , and the most up to date programming on the market today. After the load calculations are completed, ducts, supply registers, and return grilles will be sized and selected using professional guidelines. (this is the very least any hvac contractor should do, and its the law). Eliminate any potential legal ramifications by doing the job properly by a certified 3rd party HERS certified auditor load calculation.

Don’t size units solely on the square footage of the house. If you are replacing a unit, don’t assume that the new unit should be the same size as the existing unit — it may not have been sized properly in the first place(and probably not).

Proper equipment sizing is based on the interior of homes losing heat during cold weather and gaining heat during warm weather. Consider several key pieces of information (such as the type of insulation and the total surface area of the windows or glass doors) into a heat loss/heat gain evaluation.
Foam Insulated Homes have special considerations !

Oversized equipment can cause reduced comfort and excessive “air” noise as the oversized unit forces air through your duct system more quickly. Oversizing will also shorten the life of the equipment by causing it to cycle on and off more frequently than a properly-sized unit.
Undersized equipment with airflow that is too low can cause distribution efficiency drops and accelerated wear on system components, leading to earlier failure.

Be successful and compliant by knowing exactly what your customer needs and opportunities are to maximize efficiency,comfort, and profitability.

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