Dave Chapelle Comeback

Dave Chapelle Comeback is possible

Dave Chappelle loves entertaining and his family life.  Read what Chappelle has to say about the decisions he is confronted with.

Dave Chapelle greatest comeback answer

What’s the main reason you talk yourself out of it?
Mostly it has to do with just disrupting what my life is now. I have a very good life, a high quality of life. I have both money and time. No one has that. My kids are older now, sdave chappele comebacko when I make decisions within the public eye, it affects more than just me. This year I’ve been way more generous with my time, as far as what I’m willing to share. And it’s been great. People have been very supportive. They’ve always been supportive. But it was good to reaffirm that I actually did have a rapport with the audience and people are still interested. Like when my agent tells me I sold out shows in Lincoln, Nebraska, I don’t take that for granted.