5 people to ask questions to- Jesus,Hitler,Delorean,Grandfather,Myself

5 people to ask questions to- who would you ask questions too ?

Who would you like to ask questions? We would like to see your comments. What if you could only ask one person? How about 5 to make it easier.  It could be your Mom,Dad, son, daughter, great figure in history, a teacher, someone you seen in the news..It is still really tough especially as much as technology and the transfer of information has changed. Much of this information is not actually facts, but opinion. And your opinion is needed. Most, if not all, information is not accurate or biased(or extremely biased). So we would like to know what you think.
Who would you pick? I have about 150, but thats an unreasonable request from the powers that be. Thus, how about 5. Who in history would you like to ask questions to?  Here’s mine…

If I was able to ask some really serious questions(and some not), and  if I only had a choice of 5 people to ask real questions to would be..

1.  Jesus   (gotta talk to Jesus..got a few questions for Saul too)
2. Hitler
3. Delorean
4. My Grandfather
5. Myself (I’m pretty insightful and analytically probable) You probably are too !

Bonus: Since the number of completion is considered to be 7, my next two would be Elvis and   Popovich.

Take a pencil and piece of paper and think of 5, or even seven feel free to comment. We would like to see your comments.
Thanks for your time and consideration. and as always.. Vote Mcclure