Suddenlink Remote Control Code for Element TV

Suddenlink Remote Control Code for Element TV

The Element Code for Suddenlink Remote Controls I have found to work is 0178 .
Once again Suddenlink has proven how behind their service is from the rest of cable,satellite, and even internet tv services. Their equipment charges keep increasing in price, while service is not enhanced or improved upon , as others are reducing prices and innovating trying to gain market share. Many element tv’s have been sold in the past year and if you have suddenlink you still have the same old equipment with unusable ports and at least need the code for your remote. The suddenlink remote code for element tv’s  I have found to work is 0178.

Press tv once(it will blink once)
Press setup till tv blinks twice
Enter 0178 – tv should blink twice
Press the power button to confirm

If this code does not work on an element tv using suddenlink cable, I don’t know what will. I have seen this remote control code work on many element tv’s using suddenlink cable though.

Hope this helps.

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