Cant Redeem NBA 2K14 Gamestop Code XBox 360| How to enter xbox 360 gamestop code for NBA 2K14

The instructions on the Gamestop receipt to redeem your King James Path to Greatness is flat out wrong.  They tell you a website to go to get the specific instructions to enter for the xbox 360 and its wrong. Here is exactly how to redeem your xbox code for NBA 2k14 for the xbox 360.

Log in to your Xbox live account
Start the game and go to the main menu. If it starts with a quick game press the red “B” button to go to the main screen.
Scroll down to Features and you will see an option for Codes
Enter your code
Wallah ! You have unlocked the King James Bonus pack for the xbox 360.

Thats how to redeem your NBA 2k14 xbox code

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