Water run car

Yes, car on water is possible.  A water run car or  a car run on water tecnology has been around for years. This information is kept from the public because..it does not keep the rich rich and keep politicians in power. yet there are several independent scientists that are tired of holding back technology. Most have made their bucks and have nice retirement plans. They are now just pissed off because their contribution to society has been derailed.

Water powered engines

I know people that had water powered lawn mowers years ago. They built them in their garages.

But that does not keep World banks in power, corporate America in power(which is a lot different from thirty years ago when they gave a crap about their products)   Our  great nation has separated the classes more, and more , and more, due to the greed of the politicians, corporate  and there desire to be elite (We teach our children in schools about the British elite..). It is to the point , normal working class folks, can’t take it any more. I personally have no more money to give to government for bailouts of multi billion dollar institutions. I do not have any more tax dollars to be sent overseas to any country. I don’t care hopw bad off they are. My house, my country is in disarray. Take care  of issues here first. Hell..nationalization is still n option. Hell, my kids need shoes.

I do not have any more money to give to Exxon, Shell, commodity exchangers, (how the the hell does the price of oil change so quickly anyways)? You dig out of the ground pay your expenses and make a reasonable profit. How does that change  so drastically by the hour?  They are screwing us all and like $100 oil. Oil went down for a sec and I’ll be damned if it is not on the rise to break new records. Mark my words. It went up, way up. It went down..the next time oil and fuel goes up it will surpass last years highs. It’s the corporate government way.Protect yourself now!

This is only a start.. 20 years ago in college I was asking “why are we not using solar power, why are we not using wind power ?” Well my generation was a bunch of screw ups and have screwed us all.  You know what I read a few weeks ago? They are going to harness the wind power from west Texas to help supply the state with electricity.  By the way Your electric bill is going to increase. It costs money to get free wind you know. God charges for the wind blowing?

Stop the madness, Start somewhere

At least get a water run car and slow this BS down.